About Us


MMA Holidays is the brainchild of 1 of the UK’s most successful fighters, Jamaine “Mr. Pain” Facey, head coach of 1 of the most respected London gyms. Jamaine’s original vision, in 2011, was to combine the best MMA training in top facilities while also getting a chance to relax, sight-see, enjoy the countries visited and all at an affordable price. He wanted this to be available for ALL people, from those who may be just interested in physical well being right through to people who enjoy competing in martial arts.

In late 2011 Jamaine turned his dream to reality when he recruited the rest of the MMA HOLIDAYS team and they then worked out the best locations for these holidays:

- Thailand for Muay Thai

- U.S.A for wrestling

- Brazil for BJJ

- Spain for fitness

Getting locations was the easy part, then a lot of time and money was spent visiting training sites at all these locations so you, the holidaymaker, would enjoy great training in the best possible environment.

In 2012 the MMA holidays began to all these locations and we are proud to say that the holidays are getting bigger and better since then while still retaining the personal touch that Jamaine envisioned.